Crafting a Mightyverse

Here at Mighty Robot, we're focused on driving games forward – and we mean that both figuratively and literally. We're working on producing arcade racing games that surprise and delight existing racing game lovers, as well as attracting new fans to the genre with exciting innovations and fresh takes on classic concepts. We have four incredible games in the works set to release over the next three years, and we're hoping for our portfolio to grow even bigger in the years to come. Ultimately, Mighty Robot won't just have a portfolio of top-level IP – our vision is based around creating a multiverse of all of our IPs, having users, partners, and developers benefit from each other like never before.

The pandemic has caused a confluence of circumstances that we believe has set the stage perfectly for a publisher like Mighty Robot to thrive. For starters, more adults than ever are picking up gaming, whether that be for the first time or returning to something they had left in their youth. Racing games aren't just an accessible way for lapsed gamers to get back into the hobby, they're also a way for older players to connect with younger gamers. Over the course of the pandemic, arcade driving games like Rocket League and Mario Kart have provided countless hours of family fun, without the need for excessive complexity or violence.

As genre experts, we know what makes a good arcade racer, but what's even more important to us is building a cohesive universe where these properties can exist side-by-side. We picture this universe like an umbrella, where the communities of each of our titles can intermingle and share with one another. Here players will be able to explore, discover, and interact with other games, teams, vehicles, tracks, and players.

So how will we do this? Well, we can't reveal everything just yet, but we can say that we are working on a platform where all of our free-to-play titles can live in the same place, where players will be able to discover new content from Mighty Robot titles and also share items, XP, and other progression elements across multiple games. Players will be able to carry their squads and friends across to different titles.

The sky really is the limit when it comes to the connectivity between Mighty Robot's games. We aim to make our ecosystem a unique and ever-growing universe, where surprises hide around every corner and driving is only the start of the fun. Discovery, exploration, and an ever-changing community will drive players to return to the Mighty Robot ecosystem again and again. Through this unique integrated approach to publishing, we aim to establish a platform where community is our top priority, and content feels adaptive to players' needs and wants.

Our unique business model, with the concept of 'Free-to-Win' at its core, will help us get closer to achieving this goal. The fact that all our games will be free to play, without the need for expensive sequels will make all the content from our games accessible to all players, while our approach to active community listening will allow our fans to feel like their voices are heard and actioned in our products. We believe that this approach will help our players feel invested in our games, playing for longer, and inviting more friends to play with them. By rewarding our players for engaging with multiple titles, we strengthen their affinity with the Mighty Robot brand, and will keep them excited for content to come.

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