Mighty Robot Q&A – Who We Are

Here at Mighty Robot, our commitment to communication is one of the most important ways we set ourselves apart from the competition. As a company, we always want to keep you in the loop about what's going on in the business – whether you're a fan of our games, or an investor in our business.

So, we've taken the time out to answer a few questions about what we're doing and the company we're building. Read on for more details about our games, business model, and plans for breaking into esports.

Can you introduce Mighty Robot to anyone that might not be familiar with the company?

Mighty Robot: Mighty Robot is a team of professionals from the far sides of the gaming universe – development, publishing, marketing, and esports. Our core team have known each other for years. We are constantly searching for like-minded game development studios with creative driving game ideas that we can build together.

Why have you decided to focus on driving games?

Historically, driving for most game companies means racing, and racing means simulation and licensed vehicles. We wanted to do something different with the genre.

We've talked about how driving games are underrepresented in the free-to-play space, why do you think that is?

Free-to-play disrupted the gaming industry when it first emerged 15 years ago, making a few PC game genres available to a wide audience worldwide. Then mobile gaming boomed and free-to-play became the natural fit for mobile in a very short period of time. PC and consoles are still underrepresented in the free-to-play world and limited to a few proven genres – namely, RPGs, MOBAs, battle royales, and third and first-person shooters.

How does Mighty Robot differ from other driving game publishers, in terms of philosophy and approach?

At Mighty Robot we don't really compare ourselves to any particular publisher. We have all worked with big publishers and if we had to find one difference, we would probably have to say it's the vision of our core team. We're totally united around a vision that mixes cars, free-to-play, community listening, and creating a multiverse among all our IP titles. This is a combination of attributes that probably isn't very common today, but as we said, when you are confident in the path you take, you feel the strength to keep going forward without looking around you too much.

What can you tell us about the games you have in the works?

We several titles in the works in different levels of production and for different platforms – mobile, PC, and console. Cars are the common factor throughout our IPs, but the way each title uses and interacts with cars will be a constant surprise to our players. Cars are the characters, but not the story.

What in-game customization options will be available to players?

We have an amazing team of creative and experienced people that have years of experience pushing the envelope in the free-to-play space. We are going to bring some fresh approaches to the playing field, mixing traditional concepts with brand new ones. We are very committed to experimenting and letting players choose what the ideal items are for the cars they want to build, keep, and improve.

Can you tell us more about the free-to-win business model? Why are you committed to this concept?

We are committed to keeping our IP free-to-win mainly due to the fact that we want a strong esports ecosystem present among some of our games. Our players will be able to compete knowing that money spent in the game won't change or improve the outcome.

What's your plan to bring your games into the esports arena?

We see esports success as the outcome of creating IP that has the concepts of entertainment, strategy, team play, and free-to-win carefully balanced. We are building this ecosystem from the ground up with esports in mind. So yes, we do expect to have a strong esports presence, but in the end the community itself will be the best judge of that.

What's your ultimate goal for Mighty Robot as a publisher?

As mentioned before, our Multiverse – or as we call it, the Mighty Verse – will have vehicles at its core. Our big picture is easy to define – we are committed to creating a rich and varied ecosystem where our IP can interconnect.

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