Why Driving Games?

Here at Mighty Robot we want to accelerate the driving game market forward in ways that publishers haven't attempted until now. In a gaming market saturated with shooters and battle royales, you might be wondering why we have chosen to focus on a niche genre like driving. However, you might be surprised to learn that driving games are not as niche as you thought – in fact, hunger for high-speed action has been growing in recent years and we believe that racing games are poised to become one of the biggest genres in gaming. Let's take a look at the evidence.

Driving games remain hugely popular in the games market. 30% of console gamers consider driving games one of their favourite genres, with 23% of mobile players and 21% of PC gamers agreeing. And the world of cars and racing has exploded across all different kinds of media. Car tuning and rebuilding videos are wildly popular on YouTube. The Fast & Furious film franchise has generated $1 billion in box office revenues for its last two films. There is a hunger for high-octane, car-based action everywhere, and driving games are a gateway to experiencing that world for yourself.

But the driving game genre has stagnated somewhat. The blockbuster driving games are pushing further and further for photorealism, focusing less on experimenting with the gameplay and more on their graphical prowess. Driving simulators are particularly guilty of this – these games have already near-perfected the feel of the driving controls and have decided to stop there when it comes to gameplay. Action-focused driving games do try to push the envelope in terms of what players are asked to do, but they largely still revolve around doing laps of circuits or driving from point A to point B.

At Mighty Robot, we see a new niche in the driving genre. We see an opportunity for older gamers, who don't have as much time as they used to, getting back into games through driving. We see an opportunity for deeper customization than what is currently available, going behind just new tyres and spoilers and into wilder, over-the-top add-ons. And we don't just want to see cars neatly racing around a track, aiming to shave milliseconds off their laps. We want to see metal scraping metal as these monstrous machines smash into each other, firing off deadly weapons and causing destruction and mayhem at every twist and turn.

And we believe that driving game fans want this too. We believe that the mid-core and casual gaming audience are looking for driving games that pack a serious punch, preferably through blowing other racers off the track. And these players want to look cool while they're at it, kitting out their cars with outrageous decals and skins to show off their own style to their friends.

Our games will also be open to a wide audience. We believe that free-to-play is the future of racing games, and we want everyone to be able to get involved. We will support our games with ongoing post-launch content, of course – new paint jobs, new animations, customization options for your driver as well as your vehicle, and more will be available. Alongside staples like battle passes, we have a few unique ideas for how we're going to approach free-to-play that we'll talk about at a later time. Needless to say, we'll make sure that racing never gets boring, even without explosives and car-on-car violence.

So, what does this future of driving games actually look like? Well, you'll have seen some concept art from the titles we're working on throughout this article, but we want to save a few surprises for later. But you can be sure to expect Mighty Robot's games to focus on free-to-play, provide fun for entire teams of players, allow fantastical customization, and above all, be explosively good fun.

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