Tapping into Generation PlayStation

In 2019, PlayStation celebrated its 25th birthday, marking two and half decades since the original PlayStation blew away a generation of gamers with what was, for many, their first experience of 3D gaming. Who could forget booting up Tomb Raider or Tekken for the first time? While these games might seem primitive today, the first glimpse at those polygonal character models in three dimensions was a watershed moment for many. Whether you came to the PS1 as a new gamer or a veteran, the memories of playing on this historic console will stick with you forever.

Here at Mighty Robot, we're fans of all games consoles, but the PlayStation will always have a special place in our hearts. That's because we are part of Generation PlayStation – the generation that had the PlayStation as their first console and grew up with PlayStation as the dominant console brand on the market throughout their youth.

Generation PlayStation are now in their thirties and forties – they have careers, families, homes. In short, their lives no longer revolve around gaming. And yet, individuals in their thirties are still seen as the prime target audience for many games publishers. While this audience may have many other responsibilities, they have maintained their love of gaming into their adult lives and have the disposable income to support the hobby. While they may only buy one or two full-price games per year, they still treasure the time they spend in-game.

As members of Generation PlayStation ourselves, we've spent a long time thinking about how our games can scratch the nostalgic itch that older gamers crave, while respecting their time and life commitments that can make finding the time to game a challenge.

We're aiming to hit that target audience in a few different ways. The first in this journey has been to make our games free-to-play. They don't demand any up-front investment, so gamers who limit themselves to only a handful of gaming purchases a year will be able to try their hand at our games risk-free.

Our games have short session lengths that fit the modern, active lifestyle of players. If you have 20 minutes between daily activities, we've got a few games that you can play in that gap, giving you a shot of adrenaline before going back to what you had planned.

Additionally, our multiplatform approach means that the vast majority of gamers will be able to jump into our games and play with their friends on their respective platforms. Two of our upcoming games will launch across consoles and PC, one will launch on PC and mobile, and one will be exclusive to mobile platforms. By distributing these games across multiple platforms we'll make it possible for players to become engrossed in our ecosystem wherever they choose to play.

Our mobile offering will allow players to engage in shorter play sessions, scheduled around their families and careers, while our PC and console releases will allow these players to take their previous moments of play to the next level with more in-depth experiences.

Furthermore, our games are inspired by some of the most influential driving games to grace the PlayStation system. Racing games like Gran Turismo and Driver were showpieces for the original PlayStation, while games like WipeOut and Twisted Metal brought in fantastical elements to increase the thrills. Our games harken back to these classics with high-speed arcade action, with the added excitement of a team-based structure.

Finally, our games are designed to be accessible to anyone – young or old. Gamers with families of their own won't need to worry about excessive violence or adult content in our games. Mighty Robot's games are suitable for all ages, and we encourage our fans to share the fun with their families and friends.

No matter your age, generation, or gaming history, we're confident that you'll be able to find something to love in all of our games. We hope that members of Generation PlayStation will find the spirit of those golden days of gaming reflected in the titles we will be launching in the future.

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