The Free to Play Advantage

If you know anything about Mighty Robot, you will know that we are keen to explore everything that the free-to-play model has to offer. The reason for this is that we believe that free games are the future – simply put, a game that requires a one-off purchase can never achieve the reach of one that has no barrier to entry. One need look no further than megahits like Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, and League of Legends to prove that.

It's no secret that free-to-play has become an increasingly popular and viable business model for a lot of studios out there, and it's no longer just scrappy indie developers that are getting in on the action. The success of Warzone and Apex Legends prove that triple-A developers can make free-to-play work for them as well. Even Ubisoft has announced that they will be focusing on "high-end" free-to-play titles over full-price releases.

And it's not hard to understand why. The numbers speak for themselves – last year, almost 80% of digital game revenues came from free-to-play games – and this includes the digital distribution of premium PC and console games. It's clear that players are willing to take a chance on a free game, and often, are willing to spend on that game too. With the cost of boxed games increasing, players are looking for ways to get new gaming experiences without paying that high upfront cost. The rise of Game Pass may also indicate that gamers are moving away from the one-off purchase model, and are instead taking chances on games they might not usually try.

Free-to-play also makes word-of-mouth much more powerful. Players who invest time into a game are more likely to recommend it to their friends, and if their friends are playing, they'll want to compete with them to get the best gear and loadout possible. Moreover, in our ecosystem of titles, our games are tied together by a common theme – arcade driving. That means that if a player enjoys one of our games, chances are they will be willing to give the other titles in our library a go. Without the risk factor of an upfront purchase, we can immerse players in our ecosystem, increasing the value of the time they've spent playing. We believe that our free-to-play ecosystem will be key to the long-term success of our products.

Here at Mighty Robot, we believe that everyone should have access to great games, no matter their economic status, which is why we are entering the marketplace with a focus on free-to-play, and going a step further with our concept of free-to-win. Free-to-win means that all players will be on a level playing field in our games, regardless of whether or not they choose to spend money in-game. This will not only make our games more enjoyable and competitive, but will also help us keep players from all backgrounds invested in the Mighty Robot ecosystem.

To monetize our games, we will be rolling out a unique in-game marketplace in each of our titles, offering a wide variety of items players can purchase to add additional value to their experience. This marketplace is designed to be seamless through multiple titles, providing players with familiar interfaces and a set of common payment options.

This cross-game approach to progression is a key aspect of our monetization plan, which aims to invest players in multiple titles focused around the central theme of arcade driving. Customization items will include limited-edition vehicles, skins, decals, weapon animations, and much more. We're also looking to implement unobtrusive ads in our games, allowing us to further monetise our titles without compromising the gameplay experience.

We believe that with these fresh innovations, our games could help usher in the next stage of free-to-play gaming. Spurring on this growth is the world of esports and streaming, worlds that we fully intend to explore with our games. Moreover, our dedication to making our games free-to-win could help retain players longer than other free-to-play titles. We can't wait to show you what our future of free-to-play looks like.

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